Axialis AX CD player

Axialis AX CD player 2.6

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Axialis

Axialis AX CD player es una aplicación y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Axialis. Ver descripción completa

Axialis AX CD player es una aplicación y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Axialis.

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Respecto an Axialis AX CD player, es una aplicación muy ligera que requiere mucho menos espacio que la media de los programas de su categoría.Desde que la aplicación forma parte de nuestra colección de programas y apps en 2012, ya tiene 11,527 descargas, durante la última semana se descargó 1 vez.Esta aplicación funciona en dispositivos con S.O. Windows 95 y superior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La versión de la aplicación es 2.6 y se actualizó en 11/06/2012.

Axialis AX-CDPlayer will permit you to listen to audio CD using your CD-ROM drive. It looks like a real electronic car CD player!. If you know how to use a real car CD player, using AX CDPlayer will be a child's play!

With Axialis AX-CDPlayer you automatically get disc and track titles accessing worldwide database through the Internet. The program is 100% compatible with CDDBP protocol (submit and query). With this feature you will no longer need to enter disc and tracks titles manually. Simply insert an audio disc in AX-CDPlayer and a few seconds later disc and track titles appear in the LCD like display.

A built-in utility permits you to organize all your discs in a local database. The first time you insert a disc, information about it is automatically downloaded via Internet from and is stored in a local database.With AX-CDPlayer you can store and manage an unlimited number of discs in that database.

If you are not familiar with or its database and service, the concept is a simple one. On commercial music compact discs, there is no disc title, artist, track title, credits, or other information that a player application running on your computer can extract and display for you. However, Axialis AX-CDPlayer can scan the CD inserted into the computer and look the disc up in massive database. The database then returns the title and track information to the player application for display by the time you hear the first notes of the album.

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Axialis AX CD player


Axialis AX CD player 2.6

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